Job Opportunities

Job opportunities

Work Experience in London is the branch of KBM group that provides trainees, young graduates and the job students from the European Union with professional career paths and placement services in companies based in London for a period of unpaid professional training. So with the help of KBM, now you can explore opportunities and develop your career in your desired field.

In order to be able to participate to the Work Experience in London, you need to provide us with the booking form for Work Experience in London Programme, which you can download from our downloads session, section, a copy of your C.V / Resume, better if in Europass format (you will find a sample in the downloads session, section), a letter of motivation when and if necessary. Please feel free to submit your CV apply & explore various work placement opportunities within KBM Group.

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Work placement

A work placement is a period of unpaid professional work and training in a small and medium sized companies. The Work Experience Programme in London is suitable for trainees, young graduates or students coming from Universities or EU funded programmes, who are looking for a way to enhance their C.V. The duration of the work placement can vary from a minimum of 2 weeks, generally this is the duration for group programmes, to a maximum of 3 months.

We suggest you to stay as long as you can, as longer work placements can provide you with a better professional training and can really help you developing new skills and knowledge, apart from helping your English and cultural awareness growth.

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Work Placement

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