Accountancy and Audit

Accountancy and audit

KBM Group is offering specialised accountancy services. On the other hand, we are providing business advice/consulting services. We are delivering an ideal level of assurance on the economical price. Hence we are freeing up your essential resources.

We can produce regular management accounts—our team conduct extensive research to help the managers to make their decisions.

Our focus is to provide an unlimited range of solutions, which include:

  • Direct and indirect taxation
  • Due diligent foreign investment
  • Company registration & incorporation
  • Agreement drafting
  • Self-assessment returns
  • Partnership returns
  • Business tax returns
  • Booking services
  • Payroll solutions

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KBM Consultants is an education & immigration services provider. We are helping students who desire to to go abroad for their higher studies. KBM is linked with top-notch international universities and colleges. Our team assist in the whole process of admission and make students comfortable for their study abroad.

Our goal is to offer competent, knowledgeable and expert support to the students.  We are committed to helping students achieving their immigration goals. We will help you through our skilled expert guidance that can accomplish your successful journey of learning abroad. Our exclusive services, including:

  • Language consultancy
  • IELTS preparation/exam booking
  • Work experience in London,
  • Group tours
  • Student travels
  • Accommodation
  • Student loans

We aim to help students to select the right institution and suitable study programmes.

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We, at KBM Recruitment, help people from diverse educational background to get into the employment. We have a dedicated recruitment team, they will help you in building up your CV and interview skills. We act as a bridge for your dream job through our network of clients; they are seeking a perfect candidate. You can visit our website and submit CV. One of our team members will get back to you.

We will make a perfect match from our employers’ network. Our system in place will approach employers and highlight your abilities and achievements. Our recruitment strategy guarantees that we do not waste our customer’s time. We only present them with the very best applicants.

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KBM Group has a passion for high-quality support to help individuals to discover the right course. We help in choosing study paths to increase vocabulary and learn English in the UK. We aim to deliver different English language courses, KBM British School of English, Pakistan equipping students through IELTS courses. We have designed our Courses, especially for overseas students. It also includes work reasons to help in providing an extensive improvement in their English language skills. Our associated institutes in the UK are approved by the British Council and members of English UK. The instructors’ mother-tongue is English. We run courses are throughout the year. The schedules of classes are very flexible, for instance, a general English course you could start it anytime. You can complete the courses as per your choice and pace.

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Media Solutions

Media solutions

KBM Media Solutions is a very reliable digital marketing and software development company. We carry out a business analysis and help in boosting their website ranking in the search engines. Our digital marketing team help in SEO. It enhances the visibility of your website.

Our high-quality services will provide you with a unique design and stand out from the others. We are capable of building from simple static to complex CMS websites to suit your requirements. Our services of internet/digital marketing activities derive from the industry's best practice to support your website. KBM's SEO service will result in better ranks on Google and other search engines. Our customised software development services will help your business enter into a digital world; where everyone can access the information you share.

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Accountancy training

KBM Training & Recruitment offers quality training. The training is perfect for all levels. We prepare individuals from entry-level to the bookkeeping/accounting sector to the professional level. Our services help individuals who are wishing to enter the bookkeeping and accounting job market. We help students and professionals seeking to build on their skills and qualifications. You need to know that the bookkeeping and payroll sector are more competitive than ever. We go beyond merely having some academic qualifications. Our focus is to prepare you through practical work experience, so you can quickly become the choice of employers.

We provide complete training programmes with up-to-date study material. You can practice your skills at home online, or you can attend our classes. You will have a chance to learn through real-case scenarios. We also provide services for:

  • Taxation/annual returns
  • Final accounts
  • Management accounts
  • Financial modelling
  • Payroll services
  • Bookkeeping services

We are approved training provider from the renowned awarding bodies like:

  • AAT
  • OCR
  • NCFE

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Accountancy Training

Structured Training

Structured training

Over the last five years, we have come across a significant learning outcome into the accountancy training. We have developed unique training programmes. Our programmes are aimed at delivering real-life accountancy environment and simulations. The training include:

  • Fundamental level
  • Intermediate level
  • Advanced level
  • Skills level
  • Professional level
  • Expert level

You can gain training as a set of single modules or a structured training programme. We have added different modules and accounting software, which will give you a complete set of training for particular job roles. Our programmes are carefully designed/structured to provide candidates with the essential practical skills. The programmes' objectives are to enable individuals to understand and prepare accounts from source documents to the VAT return.

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ERP training

KBM Group is a leading industry player not only in ERP training delivery like SAP but also offers services as consultants. Enterprise system software is a multi-billion dollar industry that produces components that support a variety of business functions.

SAP (Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing) is a Software Company. It is the world market leader in producing Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Technically, it is known as Enterprise Control Components (ECC). The SAP maintains global presence predominantly in North America and Europe and increasing presence in the rest of the world. Its demand for professionals with relevant skills such as FICO and FICO End User.

KBM will provide you with the best ERP training and consulting service.

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ERP Training

Corporate Training

Corporate training

At KBM, we use our pioneering spirit to deliver knowledge to the world responsibly and to nourish and delight everyone we serve. We pride ourselves for our relentless focus on quality and value for money for our clients. We continuously strive to implement critical initiatives required to achieve our vision. We deliver operational excellence in every corner of the company and meet or exceed our commitments to all of the clients.

The right software training can reduce frustration among your employees. Our corporate training will help you to make your investment with higher returns. You can improve the efficiency of your company, reduce business costs and streamline business processes by having employees who know what to do correctly.

Corporate training is essential to thriving in the global economy. KBM is the solution.

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I.T training

KBM provides IT training right from necessary hardware to troubleshooting the devices. Our IT training will give you exposure to real-life scenarios. We will cover this in our course curriculum.

You will benefit from a practical hands-on training experience under our expert guidance. Successful completion of our IT courses like A+, N+, CCNP, and CCNA will provide you with perfect knowledge. You will gain understanding to apply your new skills directly in work.

Thus you can start a successful career as a PC technician or System Administrator in the IT support industry.

You will be capable of recommending solutions, analyze network traffic and learn networking protocols as well as types of media.

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IT Training

Media Training

Media training

Our media course will equip students to thrive in the creative world of visual communication. The training is aimed to broaden your understanding of graphic design. Our graphics lab has modern computers. The computers machines are advanced and better than other advertising agencies.

This course is designed to train you about all the elements that are needed to become perfect in the field. You will produce extraordinary designs. The study also includes all the aspects of graphic designing and gives virtual life on a computer.

You will take advantage of the graphics designing courses to learn about this exciting field - full of colours, excitement and imagination.

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EAS society

Our employable student society (EAS) has a team of experienced professionals. The team is aimed at carrying refined and consultative services to students. Our mission is to provide students and graduates with advanced career information for their better future.

EAS is fully aware that the life of a student is not as easy. Students today face more challenges than ever before due to:

  • Growing competition
  • Technical advancements
  • The know-how of practical skills

We help students in hardships that students face is, to not knowing what to do with their time while at university.

KBM EAS connects you to employers, recruiters, and businesses that lack the kind of talent and innovation you have, and become employable.

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EAS Society

Work Experience

Work experience

Work experience in London is our traineeship programme. You can get work experience from one of the companies in the KBM Group. This programme provides EU trainees, young graduates and students with a period of hands-on practice in a sector of work of their interest and compatible with their past work experience or their study path. The programme is also suitable for students in EU-funded programmes

The TEFAS project, hosted by KBM Training & Recruitment, is a mobility project under the umbrella of the Leonardo Programme that is part of the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme. The idea for this Leonardo project was born from the desire of KBM T&R to take on a new challenge.

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