Employable Student Society



KBM Employable Student Society is entirely aware that the life of students is not so easy. Nowadays, students face more challenges than ever before; this is because of growing competition, technical advancements and the know-how of practical skills in any field. 

The other element of hardships that students face is the lack of knowledge about what to do with their time at university. Attending classes and lectures or spending time with friends is all well, but will that help them get the edge they need to acquire the job they’ve always dreamt about successfully?

We connect you to employers, recruiters, and businesses that lack talent and innovation. It also boosts your employability potential.

 KBM provides the pathway, the guidance, and how to get the most of your time at university. Through this platform, the students will learn the true meaning of marketing themselves for their dream jobs. 

We conduct many events throughout the year to bring more awareness about the current job market. We guide them about the opportunities which we offer to our students. These opportunities include full-time and part-time jobs, along with many informative workshops to enhance and develop your skills with competence.