Information, Advice & Guidance

Our group member KBM Training & Recruitment, has a Matrix quality standard accreditation. It is an international quality standard to provide businesses and individuals with impartial information, advice, and guidance (IAG). We ensure our high-quality IAG service delivery is according to Matrix standards. 

KBM provides a holistic approach to delivering IAG services; each section offers information, advice and guidance to its client or customer group. Our commitment is to provide a range of options and progression pathways for students, professionals, and businesses.

KBM policy ensures that our students, professionals, and businesses access our high-quality information, advice, and guidance services. Our impartial advice and guidance allow students, professionals, and companies to make informed decisions, and it helps them to realise their full potential. We aim to:

  • Improve the percentage of learners that positively progress.
  • Ensure equality of access to impartial IAG for all groups.
  • Increase customer satisfaction with the IAG received.
  • Update and improve staff for fair IAG provision
  • Update other IAG resources for an effective and impartial IAG.
  • Develop the bespoke business model to offer impartial IAG services to our customers and client.
  • Provide individuals, groups & businesses with transparent, friendly and impartial IAG for available learning and career opportunities and what they involve.
  • Provide individuals, groups & businesses with support and guidance to help them make choices and, where appropriate complete a Learning Plan for the future.
  • Provide individuals & groups with regular personal support and information on how well they are doing.
  • Help individuals & groups to decide what to do next, including further learning and employment.
  • Help individuals & groups develop skills and knowledge to make choices in the transition to work and continued learning.
  • Provide the opportunity to be involved in making decisions about things that affect their learning, operations & businesses

Our IAG commitment

We ensure helping our customers and clients with courtesy and fairness. Further, we respect the rights and beliefs of each other, regardless of gender, marital status, religion or belief, age, disability, race, sexual orientation or any other protected characteristic as defined in the Equality act 2010. We ensure that:

  • Our IAG services are free of cost for our customers and clients including, students, professionals, and businesses. 
  • Our IAG services are free from any form of discrimination, direct or indirect, by perception or association.
  • Our clients' confidentiality to protect their interests.
  • We provide appropriate support to disabled people and enable their access to our specialist IAG services.

We assist individuals and businesses in making informed decisions on their education, training and development opportunities. It helps in their career development and working lives. Our IAG provision is quality assured.

What the clients expect from KBM

  • Comprehensive detail of the Information, Advice and Guidance Services that KBM offer 
  • Service delivered to recognised international standards
  • KBM staff treats you with respect and dignity
  • A timely response to information request
  • Up to date information on education, training and career opportunities
  • Information on the cost of training and any funding which may be available to support the costs
  • Receive an initial assessment 
  • An individual interview to provide information advice and guidance
  • All information will have treatment according to General Data Protection Act (GDPR).